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Naughty Mafia Event Aug. 2013

My vacation/break is coming to a close! We're back home from our travels and the daily grind resumes next Monday. It's been a swell three weeks and I'm sad to see it come to an end, but I'm motivated and ready to get this semester over with and spend the entire summer locked in my room; reading, my life away.

Well maybe not the ENTIRE summer, but the majority of it will be spent doing absolutely nothing except reading some kickass books and occasionally eating.

I also want to find a book signing event somewhere on the east coast to go to during the coarse of the year. I've toyed around with Book Bash in Orlando, but I'm not completely sold on it yet. Are there any other events happening on the EC this year? If so, LET ME KNOW! haha

Last year, I lucked out and was able to attend the Naughty Mafia book signing in VEGAS! It was awesome and I had a lot of fun, but unfortunately part deux was cancelled this year due to the authors busy schedules. I was bummed at first, but then I realized that that it was a blessing in disguise because I would have been making that nine hour flight solo. I'm a brave girl, but sometimes travelling alone does make me paranoid. Doesn't help that my mom loves to make me aware of the skeevy fact that "someone is always watching you."  Thanks Mom! >.>
I meet Kristen FREAKING Ashley!
I stalked the NM Facebook page months before the event and was able to score a "Skip the Line" pass from Rebel Kitty (COOLEST EVER!) and it was EPIC. There were so many people and I was terrified I wouldn't get to see all of my favorite authors, but that pass was a freaking god send and I was able to see all my favs and then some! 
Kristen Ashley, as expected, was supremely cool and super down to earth. I was a ball of nerves when it was my turn to talk to her, which is why I look like I'm on the verge of puking in the picture! This woman is amazing ya'll. I've honestly never read a book of hers that I didn't like. Granted her Chaos series let me down a little, but you can not deny that this woman gets Alpha Males right every.single.time. Her Rock Chick series is probably my favorite, but I'm still working my way through all of her other worlds and I find myself getting caught up in her characters all the dang time haha.
Madeline Sheehan was my next heart stopping moment, and she's also the one that surprised me the most. At events she's apparently really quiet and reserved! I was sooo not expecting that BUT it made it easier for me to gush to her about how awesome her books are and how I basically bowed down to her in every way because she's the baddest bitch of them all!
K.A. Linde was a freaking doll. I felt like a giant next to her! Like most of the other authors she was super down to earth and even ragged on me a bit about my Team Jack affliction. lol Everyone always hates on Jack, but I've been on his team since day one. Even when he didn't deserve it! Gah that fictional boy... lol 
C.J. Roberts is a must for everyone to meet in person. That woman is a hoot and she is super fucking chill. I didn't want to leave her table because she was probably one of the funniest people in the room and you could tell that she was having a kickass time with all of her fans. Not to mention that her books are some of the best I've ever read in my life! I'm definitely going to be a Sick Fuck for life!
Silvia Day was the Belle of the Ball at this event and even after arriving fashionably late, I didn't meet a single person who had a bad word to say about her. She was so inviting and welcoming of her fans and I can say that for a 100% fact that this woman appreciates everything that we (her fans) have brought into her life. She didn't just sign your book and send you on your way. She hugged EVERYONE and talked to everyone about their lives and what they loved about her books. She felt very maternal to me and I enjoyed the ten minutes that I spent with her just chatting about how crazy her life has been since Gideon had captured the hearts of many and how I felt about her series/characters and how my life was going. Silvia is a extremely genuine person and I highly recommend attending an event that she'll be at because you will not be disappointed. 

Swag for DAYS people!

I met so many other amazing authors and fans that I didn't have a chance to get a picture with. I tried to be mindful of others and be quick when making my rounds because it was a lot of people packed into a relatively decent sized HOT room. I didn't want to rob someone of meeting their favorite author, especially after I had the awesome opportunity to meet all of my favs.

If you've ever been on the fence about attending a signing as big as this one was, JUST DO IT! I promise you that you want regret it and all of the people that are a part of making the magic happen are amazing! You will meet so many new people who love the same characters and stories that you do. I can't tell you how awesome it is to talk about Gideon Cross or Ramsey Bridges like they are real
human beings LOL My husband is forever giving me side eye with my obsession with the fictional world, but even he was extremely impressed by how passionate people are about the books that I'm constantly nagging him to read. He was also impressed with the Pink Taco that we ate at inside of the Hard Rock Hotel.
MEN! lol

PS: We also visited Eli Roth's Goretorium and it was so much FUN! You can even get married there for...wait for it..$666 LOL It's kind of campy, but definitely something I'd like to visit again if I should ever find myself back in Sin City.

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