Sunday, August 4, 2013


The name is Brandi.

Normally I troll GoodReads with my random reviews, but since Photobucket is a cock blocking bitch in the bandwidth department...I've decided to bring my craziness to my own little nook in the blogasphere.<= or however the hell you spell that.

Blogging isn't new for me, but lezzbe be honest: 

I fucking suck at it. 


It's true.

I fail at blogging.

Yet here I am again...attempting to share my crazy ideas and a touch of insanity with the poor unfortunate souls who accidentally stumble across this POS. 

If there's anything in life that you have to know about me it would be:

Blogs and Sundrop are the two bitches that I try to give up, but I always come back too. 

It's a vicious cycle and I'm pretty sure there will never be a cure.

So if you want to hang around and get in touch with your inner crazy: Welcome Aboard!

If not, that's cool too...I guess >.>

Actually it's not.


I kid I kid.

Hang tight loves! It's going to be a wild ride!

;) xoxo

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