Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mid-week update


I have six books going on at the moment. 


Anyone else ever start reading something and just totally lose interest? That's what I've been battling the past few weeks. It's not the novels fault, it's mine.

No really, it is haha.

Actually, Amazon and that god forsaken One-Click button gets partial blame, because it taunts me so!

Anyways, out of the six books that I have going on righ
t now, Red Hill by Jamie McGuire has totally enraptured me.

I LOVE me some zombies.

BUT I've only ever read one...maybe two zombie books, so this "theme" is still a little new to me. Right now, I'm about half-way through and zomg, it is so damn good! So yeah, other than a never ending pile of homework, I'm just over here starting more shit than I can finish lol 

I need some serious structure in my life!


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