Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I've been infected

And no not with the T-virus unfortunately
I'd like to think that if I ever was really infected with some sort of mutant zombie virus that I would have the special strain that would turn me into a superhuman bad-ass...but atlas, I just have the common crud.
Blocked ears, sinus issues, and I'm all kinds of tired.
Nothing epic of any sorts, it's mostly just a pain in the freaking ass, but hey, at least it isn't that crazy stomach bug that's going around.
Those are the devil!

Anywho, Christmas was AWESOME here at the Bindi household. Husband dearest kicked ass in the gift giving department.
Gold Star for him eh? Love that dude ;)

I only wish that there were enough hours in the day for me to read all of them at once and bask in the literary awesome that is buried within those precious slivers of paper!!!

Which brings me to my next topic: 

Bindi's Annual Goal List for the Year 2014.

Every New Years Day, I make five small goals and five larger goals that I wish to achieve through out the year. Some are easily achieved before a third of the year is over, while others don't get anywhere near to completion, and I'm TOTALLY ok with that because I need it. I need to be motivated to push myself forward in all areas of my life and my handy dandy list gives me something to look back on and access if I'm staying on course or spinning out of control through out the year. 

1. Take the TEAs Test.

 GOD. This test has plagued me since I first decided that I wanted to go back to school. I don't why, but I am over thinking the hell out of it. It has even gotten to the point where I've stressed myself out to the max and been sick over it. Which is NOT a quality that one *should* find in an aspiring nursing student. Last semester was brutal for me and I feel that a major part of this is due to the fact that I took all online courses instead of physically going into the college and hearing my lectures in person. It's a proven fact that online courses are no bueno for me and I'm crossing my fingers that after the Spring semester is over, then I'll never need to take another online course again (oh but I will! haha)! I'll be calling my college on Friday and getting in touch with the woman whom I hope will schedule my TEAs exam. The TEAs is a standardized test that I'll have to take to be able to enter the nursing program that my school offers. Nursing is a highly competitive career field at the moment, so I need to do my absolute best on this exam in the hopes of being accepted into the program in Fall 2014. This test is the last major step in my eligibility for the program and while I know that I have my info down pat, the truth is I am a horrible test taker! If it's on a single subject there wouldn't be in an issue, but covering an array of subjects that range from basic chemistry to reading comprehension, puts my brain on the fritz and causes me to second guess myself, which in return affects my scores. It's a problem that has plagued me during my entire school career, and it's one I've had to learn to cope with immensely in college (Placement testing anyone!?!). So while this goal should (cross anything that you can cross) be one of the goals that I complete before February. It will still be one of the harder ones that I will have to complete this year!

2. Read 75 Books
2013 was not a good year for me in the Goodreads department. I only managed to read 66 out of the 75 books that I wanted to complete this year. I knew I was behind thanks to the Goodreads counterappthingamajig, but damn, I still feel a little disappointed that I didn't make my goal this year. So with that being said, in 2014 I WILL read 75 books. Failure is not an option and reading IS my passion, so this year I'm making it a point to finish between 6-7 books a month. Some of which may or may not be novellas LOL That's not cheating right? ;)  I have also got to make a promise to this beautiful little blog of mine that I will not neglect it next week. Posting on the regular is damn near impossible for this chick, but never fear my little monsters! I have a goal within a goal to make sure I spout off some nonsense into the blogasphere at least THREE times a week. Hell even once a week would be more than I'm doing it now! Blogging is not for the lazy heart-ed, that's for damn sure! Another clause under this goal for the year would be that I'm aiming for an October release of my first novel. The reason I didn't give it its own goal number is because it may have to wait until 2015 because I still have about 50k to go before I can call it a done deal. It's been a labor of love and has frustrated the hell out of me at times because I second guess my story telling abilities on the regular. I've said it a million times before and I will say it again. It takes a BRAVE person to put their work out there for the masses to read and love/hate on. So you keep on kicking ass you little writer, you. I'm behind you 110%!

3. Sign up for Zumba and GO!
I freaking love me some Zumba. I was going twice a week for awhile, but then Fall semester came along and totally wrecked my life. Yes bitches, it came in like a wreckinggggg balllll. HAHA that song never gets old! Anyways, I'm shooting for going at least once a week, maybe twice when I can work up some stamina. The first time I went to a Zumba class, I thought it would be super easy and quick. Oh honey. I had my ass whooped! LOL It was bad. Good, but bad, and I will never ever ever mock another exercising program because of that first class. The whole GO part is because I skipped at least four different classes during the last cycle. Those classes plus child care costed me a little over $70, so I definitely wasted some hard earned cash by not going to them. I also need to become an active person again, and hey, if I lose some weight along the way AWESOME, but honestly I just need to get moving and find my groove that I lost somewhere back in August. 

4. Read to my kids more
You would think that since I'm an avid reader that I would also read to my kids constantly, but by the end of 2013, I  failed miserably at it. I have been so, so selfish with my free time, that I did the bare minimum in the reading part in regards to my children. It was such a terrible thing to do, and now I'm truly regretful for it. Reading is so important for the human brain and to think that my little humans have missed out on it because I was extremely self centered and selfish is embarrassing. So this year I'm putting my kids reading needs BEFORE mine. If they don't read, I don't read. I'm hoping this method will work although I'm sure it'll be tweak a little over the summer because let's face it...everything goes batshit haywire those last few weeks of school. This also plays a part in my next small goal for 2014...

5. Make Family Time a Priority
Yup. I need to spend more time with my family and less time talking, typing, reading, and occasionally screaming at a screen! I'd love to pick on day out of the week for all of us to be "tech-free," but I fear it would send all of us into a shock and the world will surely end. Baby steps are the way to go, and hopefully by the end of 2014, it won't be such a terrible idea to go a whole TWO days Tech free. 



NOW on to my BIG goals for 2014


Save money. Two really simple words that are almost impossible for me to accomplish! I am a spender and with Amazon's one click option, I'm a freaking ebook hoarder. I'm not lying when I tell you that I have a book addiction. I LOVE them in any format and sometimes I even own a single book in MULTIPLE formats. So yes, I'm jumping on to the 52 Week Money Challenge. I'm even contemplating doing it backwards to enhance my savings. I'm also going back to couponing on the regular and really thinking twice about swiping my debit card at the register. If my husband could ban me from CVS, Target, and Amazon, we'd probably be millionaires by now. OH and fast food! Not only is is bad for your health, but it's terrible for your wallet. More well thought out/planned meals, instead of eating on the go will be in my future. Every penny matters!

7. Get Accepted into the Nursing Program
This is probably the only goal on my list that is completely up in the air. I literally have a 50/50 shot of getting into the program this year and I should know if I've been accepted by March. I have always felt connected to helping people and being a CNA has given me the affirmation that I needed to know that THIS is what I'm supposed to be doing. Later on I want to expand my education and ultimately become a Midwife, but right now, getting into Nursing school is my number one priority. It will happen right? God I hope so! 

8. Diet

Do I need to lose some serious LBS? Hell yes! But more importantly I need to eat better. Less fast food, more REAL food. I used to rely heavily on drinking water and now it happens on a rare occasion and mostly likely with some bitchmoanwhining to go along with it. I hate that about myself. Really I do. So I want to be more body focused this year and treat it with the respect and nourishment that it deserves. Moderation is a word that I need to live by! Plus sweets need to be an occasional thing and not a staple of every meal. *facepalm* 

9. House TLC
I want a Pinterest house! We bought our first home in June of 2012 and while I've managed to decorate and paint 3 of the 9 rooms, I still have a long ways to go before I'm done. My son's room is a superhero haven while my daughters room is wonderland to the extreme. I was so proud when I finished both of their rooms and was stoked about moving on to the master bedroom, but then life got in the way. Painting is such a bitch and it took me a whole two days to paint the smallest room in my house just because I was a total lazy ass over it! So this year, I want to decorate/paint my master bedroom as well as my entryway/room downstairs. First my husband and I will actually have to agree on a theme and the furniture, but after those details are sorted, I have a really good friend who is going to help me make my plans a reality and hopefully this will be one of the more easier goals of 2014. 

10. Soul Searching and Growing
This is a goal that I know for a fact I will not complete this year. Mostly because its one that will be a continuing theme for the rest of my life. Centering oneself and achieving self actualization is something that most humans find themselves going through at some point and I've recently became aware that I'm ready for it. As a newly twenty-six year old, I feel old. Old is not a word most people would use when describing someone who is in the midst of the prime of their life. I don't want to feel drained and down all of the time like I'm currently battling. Stress is natural. How you handle it is what sets people apart and stress management is something I dearly need to discover in 2014. I also need to learn how to enhance the relationships in my life instead of gradually breaking them down or burning a bridge all together. I have some really awesome people that float in and out of my life and I really need to learn how to appreciate the friends that I do have and encourage new friendships to grow. I also need to learn not to be so hard on myself. I'm the type of person that will run a thought to death and let it tear me apart from the inside out and that is not healthy at all. My hope is that in 2014 I will tap into some inner peace and really live my life through some kickass experiences and good company!

Well if you made it through all 10, KUDOS to you my little creation! My hope for you is that you're year is stellar and bright as I'm hoping mine will be and that nothing but love and peace come your way in 2014.
Life can be a total bitch sometimes, but hang in there, it's worth the ride!
Til next time!

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