Sunday, August 4, 2013

Review: Unbeautifully by Madeline Sheehan

★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆
What the hell did I just read you may wonder? 
Well sit down and cross your legs ladies and gentleman because when you hear about Unbeautifully by Madeline Sheehan, you run the risk of having your panties (or manties) run off into a lust filled abyss of awesomeness. 

Last year I had the pleasure of reading book one of Sheehan's motorcycle club series promptly named, Undeniable. (Fun fact it was supposed to be a stand alone, but being that Madeline is a fucking Goddess of EPIC proportions she wrote another book for her fans AND recently told us that she will be adding another THREE, yes THREE books to the line up. This bitch is my hero. For real.)
Undeniable threw me into a world of lust, hurt, pain, wonder, hatred, belly drops from hell, and most importantly a real taste of the fucked up, but totally legit love story of Deuce and Eva. 
That book ruined me. 

There were parts where I just knew I was going to stroke out, or throw up all of my insides. Madeline has a way of getting under your skin to secretly rip your fucking heart out, while calmly keeping your punk ass alive, whilst your bloody, traitor of a heart erratically beats in her tortuous grasp. Then she holds your heart captive until SHE is ready to let you go, and even after that bitch ass heart is back in its place you're still fucked up in the head from the royal mind fuck that just slapped you in the puss. Curtiously delivered by those fucking ingenious digits of hers which spout this fucked up beautiful mess of a book out on to her computer screen. 
Yes I feel that strongly about these books. That's how you know that your shit is REAL. Undeniable put me into the biggest book funk I've had to date because I couldn't REEL IT IN. Deuce and Eva have been on my brain for months, then finally....oh lord sweet baby jesus FINALLY Madeline released Unbeautifully early. 
Ladies and Gentlemen, I found God and her name is Madeline Sheehan. We need a statue or something erected in this woman's honor because yet again she has released some beauty into this world that no one else can do. 

Unbeautifully is the story of Danny (Deuce's baby girl from Undeniable) and the scarred bad boy, Ripper. 
I will admit, I didn't think I'd be as hooked on Danny and Ripper as I was Deuce and Eva, but once again Madeline proved me wrong. 
Unbeautifully has something for everyone. There are swoon moments, hot moments, OMFG TAKE ME NOW moments, youfuckingbastardhowcouldyou moments, laugh your ass off moments, and the most important to me, the "ah ha" moments. Danny's transformation from Undeniable to the end of Unbeautifully is something only an extremely skilled writer could pull off. It was nothing short of amazing and (to me) inspiring as hell.

If you've read Undeniable, you already know that our boy Frankie did one hell of a number on Ripper. Ripper is scarred pretty bad, but Danny sees past that shit and loves him for who he is on the inside and not the shit that's on the outside. I was not expecting that from an 18 barbie-esq girl who wore pink and bling twenty-four seven. 

Sheehan weaves the pieces together flawlessly to where you feel the pain and turmoil that Frankie caused during his crazy escapades during Undeniable. He fucked everyone up and even after he's long gone he is still causing all sorts of pain for a number of people. Unbeautifully picks up where Undeniable left off and you are given a taste of the hurt that everyone is feeling and why the characters are acting the way they are.

Danny is lonely and down on life. Ripper provides her with a night of letting go and being free of all of the worries in her life. Yeah it might have not been the greatest of ideas, but I loved it! I think I turned five shades of red when I read some of the lines that he said to her during THAT scene at the lake.

Oh lawd jeebus it's an orgasm!

Reel it in, Brandi. Ok where was I? Oh right, from that night forward we are taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Some of which are from Deuce and Eva's point of view because after what happened to them in Undeniable, shit didn't automatically fix itself. It was raw and it was real. Like I've said a million times before Madeline can do no wrong with her characters. I have mad respect for this woman and her brutal honestly about shit that most people would gloss over and tie up with a pretty bow. 

Fuck that she said, here let me crush your soul and laugh in your face while I hang it over your head that they will in fact get over this shitty ass hump in life and be stronger than ever. 
She's twisted like that, but I wouldn't have it any other way! Unbeautifully was just as good, if not better than Undeniable. I'm more than ever invested in this serious and I can.not.wait. until the next book which is going to be Cage and Teegan's story. That one is going to blow the roof off of the fucking house!
Thank you Madeline AGAIN for sharing your world with us. You're the coolest bitch I know. #DeuceBabe4life!

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