Friday, September 6, 2013

Movie Trailer Review: Vampire Academy

Yeah, yeah
I know most of the world has already seen this trailer at least once, but it was released when I was on vacation and I'm just now getting around to watching it.
Truth be told I was afraid.
I love Richelle Mead's world and I heart Rose Hathaway something fierce, but
I also know that nine times out of ten, when a book is turned in to a's going to suck ass.
But I tried to keep an open mind as I opened up the trailer in youtube, as well as opening up a word document, so I could type out my thoughts as I viewed the trailer. 
First thoughts:
What is this Mean Girls paranormal style?
Nice job on the fangs.
Ohh I love that accent.
Blood is family. Blood is pain. Blood is death. *chills*
Well hellloo Christian.

Second run through:
Ehhhh I don’t know about Dimitri….
Is this a soap opera?
I saw like .5 secs of a Strigoi.
This does not look good.

Five minutes later, I still don't think this movie is going to be good. Granted, this is just the trailer...but man...I am not feeling it at all. 
Although they did cast the perfect girl to portray Lissa! She looks exactly like "My Lissa" that I envisioned while reading the series. Rose is alright, but Dimika is the one I'm really iffy about. Granted IDGAF who they cast to play the parts...that trailer just didn't do him any favors. Esp when it shows him in what looks to be black granny panties. >.>

This movie is supposed to hit the theaters on Valentines Day next year, so hopefully we'll get at least one more teaser trailer...maybe two...before then and it'll make me look at the movie in a different light. 

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